State of the Goods

Quality is important to us!

We are convinced of the fact that people should use second hand toys, especially when it comes to LEGO and LEGO DUPLO. The majority of our products is used, but nevertheless in a good condition.
Detailed description of the state of our products:
The term used means: the product doesn’t show any defects or signs of major shabbiness. The product is second hand which means that it will not be delivered in its original wrapping. With many of our goods you can see next to no signs of previous usage. We are not under the impression that used toys belong in the trash or are to be stored somewhere in the basement. For that reason, we offer our clients a wide range of second hand LEGO- stones, figures and a lot more. We roughly clean the LEGO, but due to hygienic reasons, we strongly advise you to clean it again before using it!
Hint: Wrap Lego in a pillow cover and put it in the washing machine. Don’t use aggressive detergent. To prevent noise, you may wash it together with your laundry. Try to use a setting for delicate at 30-40 without spinning. Let the washed Lego air dry afterwards.